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Adresář výboru, kontrolní komise, sekretariátu a oddílů TJ SOKOL ŽIŽKOV I.


Tělocvičná Jednota Sokol Žižkov
Koněvova 929/19, 130 00
Praha 3-Žižkov, Česká republika


Brief history

The Sokol movement (Sokol is an expression for falcon) at Zizkov was founded March 14th 1872. A gym was built in 1898 and it was designed by a local Sokol member whose name was Josef Vacek.

Sokol activities were heavily suppressed during both world wars and several members fought in foreign armies or became guerrilla members. During the uprising in Prague in 1945, the gym served as a field hospital.

During the communist rule after February 1948, many Sokol members were forced to exile and Sokol Zizkov itself was merged with Sokol Tesla Strasnice and later changed its name several times.

After the Velvet revolution, Sokol Zizkov restored its activities and it has currently 8 sport sections (see bellow).


The gym is located in the center of Prague, at the bottom of Vitkov hill. It could be reached by bus either form the metro station Florenc (B,C) or from Flora (A). Stations near the gym are Rokycanova (136, 175) or Tachovske namesti (133, 175, 207, 509).

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Sport sections


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